Friday, October 9, 2015

What you learn about a person AFTER they depart...

  "Grumum" is the name that I have allways called my beloved Grandmother. Often I have pondered where that exact pronunciation came from. I'm now 44 and I still say Grumum. I was most likely introduced to her as "This is your Grand Mom" and as a youngling, that was probably my best attempt at saying that. No one ever corrected me for saying it that way, so it stuck.

  Her middle name is Viella. Her mother chose that as her middle name for a family friend that my Late Grand-Mom never liked. Viella would always promise to take the kids for ice cream, but never came through on that promise.  Grumum was Pennsylvania Dutch, or more correctly called Pennsylvania Deutsch. As in German. Not Danish.  Having the 'Typical" accent of a farmer kid from Lancaster County. Her V's, Y's and W's sounded more like, Wee's, Why's and Wubulu's. 

   So what I heard her say was Weola. I have allways known that her middle initial was "V". So from my interpolation of dialect and and the facts at hand, I forever assumed her middle name to be Viola. It wasn't until my mother, my aunt Linda and I were reviewing the spelling and grammar of the funeral handout that I realized that it was MY spelling that was in error.

   ...and for those readers that actually know me.  That's where the "V" in Veronica comes from.