Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"First Light" ceremony for New Years Eve.

This can be a fun tradition to start by yourself if ure single, or with your family. You can curtail this ceremony to fit your spiritual practices. Candles are involved so be mindful of children and pets. This idea was shared to me from my long time friend and neighbour Bob. This will be my 2nd year of doing this.
   The intention you put into this ceremony is more important than following these steps exactly. Change what you need and create your own tradition.

-Place an unlit Candle in each room of the house.
    Tapers or glass jar candles are your option. Ollies sells glass jar candles for $3.99. Short Tapers are available at most new age shops. Celtic Myth & Moon if you are in the Reading, Pa area.

-Turn off/Unplug everything that you can. You want your house as dark and quiet as possible. (things like ure fridge are optional, it makes noise, it's your decision)

-Go to the end of your sidewalk/driveway/property.

-At this point your ceremony starts:

--State your intention for the coming year via prayer or meditation. Take as much time as you want for this. There is no rush to do this 'exactly' at the stroke of midnight... others will be outside banging pots and pans and whatever else neighbours do, allow these distractions to pass... enjoy the celebrations of others.

--With your intentions in mind, light a single taper candle. (If others are involved you can start with one and have others light theirs from it, 'sharing' the flame)

--At this point, start towards your now dark house with your intentions in mind.

--Enter your house and light each candle in each room from the candle you are carrying as you walk through.
        (For me, I prefer to walk through my house and start in the room farthest from my front door and ending in my kitchen....where there are snacks :)

--As a solitary practitioner, I end this with coffee and cake over meditation. I use mini taper candles and allow them to burn themselves out as you would in any magical ceremony. Yes, I put them in bowls of water for safety.

  Store the taper candles you used for your walk through in a decorative box and use them next years "First Light"

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