Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Body is a Temple

  This encounter happened over a week ago, but I'm just getting to blog about it now.

  It was time to fill the gas can for mowing my 97 year old grandmothers yard aptly named "Gum Tree Manor" for the huge tree in the front lawn that drops thousands of little Sputnik looking seed pods.

  Top image: Sputnik
Bottom Image: SweetGum Tree Seed Pod
aka: The Sputnik Tree

  I was pulling to the pumps at the Exxon/Sunoco type place. As I got out of my car, I noticed a man standing outside by his car, parked in front of the store. I most likely smiled or said hello as I normally greet all the living creatures on this plane of existance. ...But I knew right away that something was going to happen. Not "Bad" happen, but an "important junction" was about to occur  It must be my smile, but allot of people ask me for money. I don't judge peoples reasons for asking ie. gas/food and I always give them something.

  It was just a polite conversation about "How damn hot!" it was. Then he mentioned something to the effect how "We're living in the 'End Times.... the things that are going on in the world. Jesus gona be coming back soon!

  He wasn't being pushy or preachy. He was Just stating the fact. I replied with "That's what they said in the 80's".
"But it's different now." "The things that go in in the government..." He asserted.
I wasn't going to argue his opinion, but he mentioned something about 'Jesus coming back' and how he 'still hadn't quit smoking' and how Jesus wasn't going to forgive him cause he started again...

 I knew this was the moment.  "You really believe Jesus won't forgive you because you 'smoke'?
  "The bible says the 'Body is a Temple' and smoking is bad for you" he replied. This seemed rather important to him. He had tried and succeeded, but backslid and started again.
  I got close and said to him and said "If Jesus came back today he would say." and I pointed in the guys face "I know that you know better... and I know you have at least 'tried' to quit and will continue to trying to quit. And when it's time you will."

  He seemed to take the comment well and said something more positive about trying. "When you decide it's time... You will" I told him. His wife came out from the mini mart and our encounter came to an end.

  I had to chuckle to myself as I pumped my gas....

  .....A Buddhist telling a Christian about Jesus.

  I felt it was what he needed to hear at that moment.