Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Acts of Good Karma for Others

  I was sitting in the car with my co-worker after work.. Some guy pulls up next to us and smiles. I thought my friend knew the man in the car, but alas neither of us knew him. The man asked if we lived close by or had a gas can on us with a gallon or two, cause he was from Allentown and had no gas to get back home. He never asked directly for money.

   I don't normally carry cash but thought I might have a few. I found I had a $20 bill and freely handed it to this stranger in need. 

   He looked at me surprised and asked, "Are you sure?" "I wasn't asking for money." I told him that Karma was smiling on him today. He thanked me profusely and asked for my address so he could pay me back. I said no and thanked him for offering."All I ask.." I said "Is that at some point in the future, you do the same for someone else who is in need."

    "That was really nice of you." My Co-worker replied. "I know you are struggling with money."

    "I figured that at this moment, that $20 wouldn't make or break me." "But it could make a big difference to him.

     I expect nothing in return for this act. It was just the right thing to do. My hope is that he remembers to return the favour to the next stranger in need. 

    Karma isn't just the universe.... It's everyone of us.



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