Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tears for some I never met.

    I made a cute kitty pic my cell background. A seemingly smiling kitty... As the evening progressed.... texting people and looking repeatedly at my feline picture, I caught a glimmer of a memory in this photo. An old forgotten memory.

   I was probably in Jr High. Reading a random article in the local newspaper. This was long before the internet, so news required reading. It was probably only a 2X2 black & white image. It was of a baby probably around 1 year old. Crying.... Not just sobbing, but full on crying. The expression so vivid still in my mind today. The article told the story of a new mother that had killed her baby. My first thought was of the child in the photograph. I looked at it... The expression on this child's face. . I do not remember if the picture was of the actual child or a stock baby photo. The article was on Post-partum  Depression, and a stock photo of any crying child would have done. 

  I continued to read the description of the mother being unable to deal with a continually crying infant. She described the incident of the baby's death. I can not remember if she was hitting the child with something or hitting the infant against something... My attention reverting to this image of a screaming baby while reading on. She (hit) her child repeatedly as the children's crying grey louder and more intense and her being more and more unable to deal with the crying. The line "I kept hitting him until he stopped crying.............................."

     I looked at the image again, with tears in my eyes. This is what the mother saw in her child's last moments. A confused scared infant. Unable to understand what was happening, or what the outcome would be. A child used to being coddled and fed, suddenly being injured. I could scarcely fathom why this ever happened. Reasons and explanations of depression and post-partum disorders be DAMNED!!! Where were her family? Estranged or maybe passed on. Friends?? Co-Workers??? Anyone and Everyone that knew this girl???? Why was everyone so distracted by their own petty lives and selfishness. That no one saw her trouble, or took the time for her needs.

    Upon reading this article (some 20 years ago now), my dislike for people and our culture in general began. Even when we see things like this happening, were content to blame psychology, or someone else or even, "Why would God allow this to happen?" Why should any "GOD" intervene, when the reason you claim "GOD" created us, was for us to create our own world. We are responsible for the horrors that plague our world... Everybody's talking and nobody's listening. Observe your friends and see. How many people are not listening to the conversation, just waiting for their turn to talk.

    I spent my drive home from work in tears over this child and so many others who are suffering. I'm so very tired. I do whatever I can for those around me, I help some that I know, and I help some that I don't know. Just because It's the right thing to do. I'm so tired because I feel like I'm the only one trying. 

   I Long ago gave up on the idea of "God" or "Salvation". 

    If God is real, then he created our universe then created us and gave the earth to us to create with. And look at what we created....... We suffer because we allow suffering

    If God is NOT real. Then our Earth evolved over million of years, and we trashed our luxury sweet hotel room in the equivalent of a weekend bender... We suffer because we allow suffering.

   I do not give to any Charity Organizations... I know people who are broke starving. I know people who struggle to have $5 for lunch for the week. Do you have a co-worker that is way overdue for new shoes?? Is she counting pocket change because that's all she has??? Uplift the people around you, and help them uplift others. Don't ask for your $5 back.. Have them give it to someone else more in need than you both. 

  I know what I do for my corner of the universe (and aspire to do more) and I do not need to divulge, for that would be bragging. I do what I do for the better good. Not what "I" get out of it. It's not what I do that matters... Its what your NOT doing that matters..

   When asked why you are helping.... just tell them that "The universe is being good to you today."

    Buy someone you work with lunch.
    Tell someone you missed them/are happy to see them.
    Open your home to someone without.
    Smile at children.
    Know someone down???
           -Listen to them instead of talking about you.
    Get off the computer and spend time with family... (They NEED You)

    Ok, I've ranted and you may have listened. I do not want people to make comments (other than "Amen" or "Namaste" please). Just "LIKE" this post so others may see how many others care..



Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Acts of Good Karma for Others

  I was sitting in the car with my co-worker after work.. Some guy pulls up next to us and smiles. I thought my friend knew the man in the car, but alas neither of us knew him. The man asked if we lived close by or had a gas can on us with a gallon or two, cause he was from Allentown and had no gas to get back home. He never asked directly for money.

   I don't normally carry cash but thought I might have a few. I found I had a $20 bill and freely handed it to this stranger in need. 

   He looked at me surprised and asked, "Are you sure?" "I wasn't asking for money." I told him that Karma was smiling on him today. He thanked me profusely and asked for my address so he could pay me back. I said no and thanked him for offering."All I ask.." I said "Is that at some point in the future, you do the same for someone else who is in need."

    "That was really nice of you." My Co-worker replied. "I know you are struggling with money."

    "I figured that at this moment, that $20 wouldn't make or break me." "But it could make a big difference to him.

     I expect nothing in return for this act. It was just the right thing to do. My hope is that he remembers to return the favour to the next stranger in need. 

    Karma isn't just the universe.... It's everyone of us.