Sunday, March 25, 2018

Knock Off Lego Sets

Newly arrived package direct from Bootleg Central. Star Wars Lego Sets...
 I mean "Super Wars" Mini Block Sets. 
This collection uses a Force Awakens style of packaging even though the set consists of Prequel and Classic Trilogy characters... 
OK R2-D2 and C-3PO are in the The Force Awakens but they are far from being the central characters of the movie. Unless you are looking from a "certain point of view" being George's original idea of the tale being told from the perspective of R2 & 3-PO. They officially are the only characters to appear in EVERY film. (including the 1978 Christmas Special)

These are available for purchase through AliExpress online. You can purchase each with or without the box. As an obsessive collector the original packaging was essential. I was ecstatic when I opened the padded bag to find the boxes were shipped flat. A nice touch considering most boxes toys I order from AliExpress often come slightly dinged up.  

#1)R2-D2, #2)C-3PO, #3)Yoda, #4)Jango Fett

#5)General Kenobi, #6)Boba Fett, #7)Stormtrooper, #8)Darth Vader.

The artwork used for the packaging was more of an Anime style instead of using actual photography from the movie.

Definitely more Manga looking. 

The back of the packaging showing images of the rest of the collection.

Manga Style Boba Fett escaping the Sarlac.

Each comes with an RPG style trading card of that character. I think this is a nice add on for these toys. 

The actual "Mini Blocks" come in a sealed bag. You can see the #4004 2 which corresponds to the item number on the packaging. 

Each is accompanied with directions on assembly. 
Double sided glossy paper.

Monday, February 12, 2018

1977 Collection Insert -

Newly Purchased Collection Inserts. I also got an ESB Collection booklet but i'm only going to show the panels of the Original.
Front Cover.

1st panel the original 12" Figures

The Death Star Space Station was the largest toy I'd ever owned. The foam in the compactor with the Dianoga was awesome.

Today we refer to this size as the 3.75 Inch but here they are described in cm.

The original Lightsaber toys had an inflatable blade. I had one and it didn't last that long. 
The last 6.

If only I had gotten 2 sets when i was a kid and not played with one...

General Mills "Fun Group"
"Fun Tested" in actual play condition.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Big Figs C-3PO

 Today at Ollie's Clearance I came across a dozen Star Wars "Big-Figs" on the over 50% off section. There is some excellent detail on our favorite protocol droid. 
You may not know that this is C3-PO. The red arm may have confused you but I assure you it's him. 
 Ironically released at part of the Rogue One Collection. 

At 31" this would be the tallest figure in my collection.
I not normally into jumbo figures but they only had C-3PO and at over half off I couldn't pass.
In the honorable mention category, I visited my local Cash Converters store that I frequent for deals on guitars.
From the Rogue One Line.

4 from the Disney just bought Star Wars Collection. I believe these retailed for $4.99-6.99. I got these for $2.00 each. 
I think I already have all 3 of these but for under $5.00 a piece I couldn't pass.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Mini 6pcs Bootleg China

Newly Arrived From China:
Creepy Eyed Vader. The sculpting of the figure is good enough that a good custom paint job would make this a way cooler bootleg.
A 6 figure set of "Cake Topper" style or Non-Action figures. This set includes 2 Classic characters (Vader & Yoda) 2 Prequel figures (Darth Maul & Trooper) and 2 Animated series characters (Mandalorian Guard & Cad Bane)
I've seen these pictured with what looked like a keychain loop on the shoulders. My set does not have these.
Production Notes: Each figure has a backwards numeric designation from 1-6. Cad Bane is #1
I couldn't find a number on the trooper. The spray job on this is heavily chipped and is hard to see much detail on the reverse so I've assumed it is #2
Clone Trooper has a shoulder spike and Ranger style helmet.
Yoda is #3. All 6 figures are the same height making the Yoda disproportional to the rest. 
The Mandalorian Guard is #4. While these figures did not come with weapons or accessories, they were molded to do so. I have a plethora of knock-off blasters so these figures shall not go without.
Vader is #5
Darth Maul #6
The face sculpt includes face tattoo details. The off center white dots on the horns and eyes ruins a potentially cool looking figure. I've never repainted a figure but this makes me want to start. I wish I had purchased several of these when I had the chance. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Prototype Tusken Raiders

-New Acquisitions-

Sand People
No accessories were included but I have a bulk of what I assume are knock-off blasters so they will not go without.
These were molded in the same color with variable spraying of browns and greens.
Female Sand Person. The assembled figure is sprayed this color.
You can see the color of plastic used when the hip joint is turned. 
Odd production note. The backwards N underneath
 These appear to be the figures these prototypes were used in designing. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mail Away Obi & Proto Skeletor

Recent Acquisitions
 From a supplier of other legit loose figures and some highly priced prototypes I purchased this "Prototype" Skeletor from the Super 7 ReAction line in 2015.
Here is a shot of the retail version.
The figure has production marks on the back of the legs.

Detail on the head of the Staff. It's molded in the same color plastic as the figure instead of the darker plastic in the retail version, so I tend to believe this may be a legit prototype.
The joints are a bit loose from what I expect from a figure, but I don't own and ReAction figures so this may be the way they are. 

Obi-Wan Frito Lay Mail Away

I got a pair of Ghost Obi-Wan figures today. Neither came with a Lightsaber, but I have a plethora of extra sabers and the hand is molded to hold one.

 The figure had NO articulation.
 Both have the same Sku# but one box has a sticker covering what was probably a misspelling. I will consider this a "Packaging Variant" in my collection.